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  • Palmarina

THE WHOLE WORLD IS SPEAKING ABOUT THE PALMARINA… PALMARINA BODRUM WILL HIT THE HEADLINES THIS SUMMER THROUGH ITS BRAND NEW SPIRIT ! The best of the world as ranging from the latest technology Mega yacht docks to the local and international restaurants and night clubs that are the unrivalled brands in their own fields are coming together at PALMARINA Bodrum… PALMARINA Bodrum, which has been hosting its guests since May 2011 within the Palmali Group of Companies and which has also been continuing with its renovation works during the same period, is getting ready this year to offer you a quite different experience through its renewed face. PALMARINA Bodrum is awaiting the guests with its brand new architecture, increased Mega Yacht capacity, and the new luxury brands that have been added in to the shopping centre and with premium restaurants, diners & cafes sections and it is promising more than what a marina could provide.   Entertainment and Peace is at the PALMARINA Bodrum… PALMARINA Bodrum is getting ready to hit the headlines this summer with the number one brands of the refreshments and entertainment sectors as it had gathered them together within the “Old City” as this is the entertainment island. The bests of the world, ranging from the reputable Italian restaurant of Cipriani to one of the most delicate and the most prestigious restaurants of the Aegean and the World cuisine, Billionaire Club, which is famed for its entertainment, to the Billionaire Couture that is the number one address for the beach stylishness and to many other brand chains, are gathering together at the PALMARINA Bodrum. It is bringing luxury segment brands as well as all of the other different groups that would be your requirement for your daily needs together within its market section that have 57 stores being located alongside the modern decorative pools as well as the sea water swimming pool with a size of 700 m²’ and the landscape with a size of 12.000 m² that is green with trees.



  • Oldcity

Discover the only address for entertainment for this summer! You are all invited to Old City's unique world to understand the difference.