Palmarina Blog Launches

The latest insights and updates from our megayacht marina in Bodrum, Turkey

Throw the lines ashore and tie up for a while… Welcome to Palmarina, and welcome to our blog. In this first post, we'll explain why we’re blogging and what we will be covering over the coming months. Then we’ll reveal our new video and behind-the-scenes shots of its production.

Why we’re blogging

Firstly, we want you to get an inside look at what’s happening at Palmarina. Whether you're a yacht owner, guest, crew or visitor, our blog will keep you up to date. We'll have updates, tips, and features that will enhance your experience of Palmarina and of enjoying a superyacht life.

To start, we’ll post about once a month, offering exciting tips for Aegean cruising, latest updates from the thrilling Extreme Sailing Series and Flying Phantom races which we sponsor interesting industry insights into the yachting life and valuable insider knowledge from the Turkish Riviera.

We’ll also check in from time to time with Captains of some of the gorgeous yachts that have visited us, to get their recommendations to share with you.

Palmarina Video

This month, the supremely talented Jeff Brown from Breed Media and his team were with us to shoot a new promo video of Palmarina. Jeff is one of the most popular and well-respected superyacht photographers working today. His attention to detail, use of models and natural light and his ability to capture playful action create images that pop with life. He evokes in an audience a deep desire to be in the images themselves. Needless to say, Palmarina provided the perfect subject for Jeff’s talent.

“Filming in Palmarina was an amazing experience!” Jeff said. “From huge infinity pools to famous restaurants to beach bars and incredible shopping… all in one marina! The sunsets were amazing too, and long. I was also lucky enough to be put up in one of the villas. You wouldn’t think there was a Marina on one side and a private beach on the other: incredible. I’ve been to many superyacht destinations all over the world, and this is definitely a must visit whether by yacht or not. It has it all, and the people are so friendly and welcoming too.”

Behind the scenes with The Yacht Guy

We also brought in our favourite superyacht social media Instagrammer, Alex Jimenez, The Yacht Guy, who captured behind-the-scenes shots of the video shoot. He was an absolute star who not only contributed his uniquely shareable snaps to our collection, but also pitched in and drove Jeff and his crew around the Marina for shoots!

The matchup of Jeff Brown and Alex Jimenez was fantastic. “Those guys are the best,” Alex said of Jeff Brown and the Breed media team. “It’s easy to work with good people. I think in the end that’s what made it a successful shoot.”

Alex is passionate about the beauty and aesthetic of the yachting life, and in Palmarina, he was impressed. “The superyachts are starting to know Palmarina as a premier destination. I loved the vibe. Palmarina has great people and great hospitality.”

Welcome to Palmarina: Behind the Scenes, and the Video

Check out behind-the-scenes at Palmarina video shoot by The Yacht Guy below:
And finally, please watch our new Palmarina video by Breed Media, below: